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What is Blackjack?


Blackjack is one of the most common game played all over the world. The objective of the game is your draw hand has to be higher than the dealer’s, but the casino player must not go over 21. If you do, you lose, or in the game language we call it as ‘bust. In blackjack they are cards ranging from 2-10 in value. The cards follow the value according to their number, and as for Jack, Queen and King they are considered as 10,  Ace is the special of the bunch where it can be worth either ‘1’ or ‘11’. According to the situation if your hand is a 3 and Ace, it can be either valued as ‘14’ or ‘4’, ‘14’ being the soft hand and ‘4’ being the hard hand.

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How to play?


Basically after downloading 918Kiss Online Casino with the android apk or ios apk in your mobile device. After placing your bets, you will receive two cards which are faced up, the dealer gets one card face up, If your cards has an Ace accompanied with a King, Queen, Jack or 10 you have a ‘blackjack’ and dealer will play you the winning odds of 3/2 based on your bet. However if you tie with the dealer it means you ‘push’ and the original stake will carry onto the next hand.

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Well the odds of you getting a blackjack at the start wouldn’t be that high. So we will look at the other factors  that determine your outcome. Firstly, ‘STAND’, stand is where you choose not to take anymore cards. That means the play will go the next player if there are any other, and lastly the dealer. You can also choose to ‘Hit’ which means you want to receive another card. You only do that, when you have cards with values less than 16 which means you have to take another. A casino player has to think about the risk involved as you have to get as close to 21 or even getting it. So when you have values of 17, 18, 19 a player has to see whether the risk is worth it or not. You can choose to hit until you bust or you can choose to stand. Its entirely up to the player.

Let’s say you get a hand of two cards which are the same, you are given the option to split. What basically happens is you split your cards, the bet doubles and you play the hands differently. You might lose one hand and win the other, or even lose or win both, so it’s a high risk, high reward but if you do win you can really win big.

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So when it comes to dealer, he or she always turns over one of his cards, and deals himself the second card faced up for you to see. So the dealer has a few rules he needs to obey :

  • If he has a value of 16 or less, the dealer must take another card ‘Hit’ .
  • If he has a value of 17 of all variation he must ‘STAND’

Rules all a bit different depending on the Online Casino. This rules are from 918Kiss Malaysia and may be different from other websites.




Insurance in blackjack, is risk or reward scenario. For example let’s say the dealer has an Ace faced up, you have the option to take this Insurance, which you will pay equal or half your bet that has been placed before that he will get a blackjack. If the dealer gets a blackjack you would have won 2/1 on the insurance bet, and if does not well lets just say you lose your money.

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How to Win?


Basically play your cards right, in Blackjack there is always a favor to the house, there is always a chance for a casino player to win big. Number one thing, is always know when to stand, taking too much risk might cost you a lot of money, knowing when to stand when to hit is essential tool which players will pick to experience and a lot of understanding on the situation. The worst cards to get is 2 to 6, be very careful when handed those cards your more likely to bust with those cards so be happy if you even come close to 21 with those cards.

Another thing is to  never take the blackjack insurance, those things are made to make a player lose more money than win money, so if you want to win big, you are better of winning big on the 3/2 on your blackjack than losing more money. Your basically taking a double risk by doing that.

Apart from that, always double down on a 10 or 11. Double down is when a player doubles his bet after receiving his or her two initials cards. You want to win big in this game, you have to think, what are the winning odds for you to win big? These 2 values are it. The chance of you making a 21 or even getting close to it, are very high when you have those two values, experience online casino players will tell you that.

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