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How to win ANG PAO at 918Kiss Malaysia?


Well firstly, to win an ang pao at 918Kiss is all based on luck and nothing more, there are so many casino players who got it more than others, and some have not won it at all. It’s a common norm where players think that 918Kiss can set whether a player can gets an angpao or not The fact is, even 918Kiss Malaysia does not know when a player gets an ang pao.

You see at 918Kiss, we have something called an (RNG) where which randomly selects and determines which account receives the angpao, this includes the amount as well, a casino player might be playing a very little amount and not be playing very much he/she might still might receive it. Another factor can determine, whether you get an Ang Pao or not is your membership to the company. We at 918Kiss, always encourage our players to register at our website, firstly because of the 918Kiss free credit and also the chances of you getting an ang pao increases as your account is registered under our system.

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Another way is asking our customer help line for tips, sometimes certain online games that we provide are likely to give higher chances to receive an ang pao as will get it from our system. This all is all random and it can change at anytime, so if you’re lucky you will get it. Sometimes it might be there for a minute or less than that. So it’s very random and also its all set by the system at 918Kiss Malaysia. Another thing, that increase your chances is by playing the same game, playing different games the likeliness of you getting to the game which has the ang pao is lesser than you playing the same game everyday. You play something every time, everyday you are bound to get some luck for that particular game,all we need is patience.


How to use it?


If players won the ang pao, some players will blow it all on big bets trying to win extra, 90% of time that’s not that case u end up losing it faster than winning it. My advice is to set a proper bet and max the pay lines and just control it from there  This way the risk of losing your ang pao instantly is much lesser. Always remember, you can win big if your patient and smart. Aim for the bonus rounds and free spins to ensure you getting that ang pao from 918Kiss was worth it.

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Lastly make sure your online casino is authentic to ensure that you actually get the ang pao, if they are not the real deal how can they know, whether the tips or whatever they giving  you is the truth. As a casino player, you have rights to all the promotion and rebates your online casino gives you. Choose wisely, if not you’ll be waiting for an angpao that will never come . Register today at our 918Kiss kiosk, to stand a better chance in winning our 918Kiss angpao from our official website.

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